SAL North Asia is proud to announce a significant new contract with ILJIN and Co., Ltd. This agreement marks SAL North Asia’s debut in the new building market with Hyundai Heavy Industries. Under this contract SAL North Asia will provide 26 vessels with its state-of-the-art high precision navigation system, the SPU-100.

“It is of outmost importance for our loyal customers to understand the value of our equipment, which boasts minimal installation and components, yet fulfills ACP requirements,” says regional manager Naoto Aida of SAL North Asia. “We have already delivered 80 units to existing vessels, and this venture into the new building market presents a new challenge for us. I am enthusiastic about this opportunity, and our top priority remains supporting our customers and ensuring their comfort with our equipment.”

The SPU-100 system, known for its precision and reliability, will be a key component in the vessels constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries ensuring superior navigation capabilities. The deliveries will start in 2025.

Aida concludes, “My aspiration is to introduce our trusted system not only in Korea, but also in the markets of China and Japan. Finally, I would like to give special thanks to our agent, ILJIN and Co., Ltd. for their strong support.”